Chinese researchers are working hard to improve the country’s chip capabilities amid rising protectionism in the world of technology On a hot summer afternoon in July, Tsinghua University in Beijing was given a sneak preview of the future of artificial intelligence and its implications for technology and businesses in China.Continue Reading

Demand for service robots continues to rise in China, the world’s largest market for industrial robots for six consecutive years Asuitcase automatically follows its owner around, turns a corner, and halts immediately when the owner stops to talk with a friend. A backpack functions as underwater propellers to help divingContinue Reading

On January 19, 2019, an unmanned surface vehicle going by the name SD 1020 left Bluff, New Zealand, heavily tasked. SD 1020 had to cover 22,000 kilometers (11,879 nautical miles) around the Antarctic (Southern) Ocean, ​where colossal waves occasionally soar to nearly 24 meters, gusting winds exceed 65 knots, and titanium icebergs emerge outContinue Reading